Russia and the EU sign gas accord

Hezbollah warns Israel against, essentially, starting shit – it’s amazing to me how frequently Mid-East politics remind me of High School.

Egypt playing peacemaker again, gets lip service agreement from Israel (AT least someone is making the effort…) while continuing to bomb Gaza into the stone age.
Interestingly, Israel rejects notion of international coalition, in lieu of Egypt specifically having Gaza border role. What brand of crack are they smoking? Just because Egypt is the one Mid-Eastern country they haven’t totally honked off (Well, in recent memory, somehow) they’re only going to deal with them? Israel is acting like it wants to join the Witness Protection Program.
The world doesn’t work that way……

I’ll confess, when I read Dozens dead from militants’ attack in Pakistan my first thought was “ah, we Americans rolled in and bombed another ‘terrorist camp’ did we?

And in the embarrassing celebrity department, Prince Henry pretty much a prat. And George “Curious” Bush recently claimed to have protested a planned Israeli strike on Iran – dude, SHUT YOUR GIBBERING PIEHOLE!! Is it true? Maybe but probably not – this reeks overmuch of Bush’s typical “We woulda…” sort of attitude which works when ganking a rail of coke at Yale but not so much Anything Else Ever. No, far more it reads like Bush getting his contrary six year old on….because he can. (“Hey, I can start near infinite amounts of shit in the last fortnight of my time in office!” Save that Bush would never say fortnight and if he did it would amount to a camp out on an army base.)

I can’t be the only one who looks at Mr. Bush and can’t help but think of this:


~ by Auntie Ranty on January 11, 2009.

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