Spin, spin, spin

Ukranian-Russian gas talks to restart Thursday – makes since, especially as the Russian natural gas supply to Europe dwindles.

Israeli troops deepen push into Gaza, specifically moving into the southern Gaza strip – including a strike on a school that killed 40, which I’m going to just assume Israel is going to blame on the Palestinians for putting their citizenry in harms way or something. Because those citizens have so many places they can go. As long as they’re in Gaza.

Oh, wait, Israel is claiming the school shot at them first. Uh-huh.

And the saber-rattling continues…
India’s Prime Minister accuses Pakistan of backing terror attacks. For more on the Pakistani response to this, read here. I love how the media is increasingly going with the official (Indian) word that Pakistani militants were responsible for the Mumbai terror attacks….that’s almost too neat for me to accept. Of potentially greater interest though is this: what if Pakistan *did* carry out terrorist acts in India? What, if anything, will the new administration do about this…as that would pretty much make Pakistan, you know, a Terrorist Country tm.
(Honestly, should that come to pass my expectation is that Washington will do nothing. The U.S. has never been a bastion of ideological consistency.)

Meanwhile not terribly far south, gunmen raid tv station in Sri Lanka

US Retail sales continue to fall.

And to go out on a better note, a letter to President Elect Obama.


~ by Auntie Ranty on January 6, 2009.

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