Gloomy Sunday

Richardson withdraws from Obama’s cabinet – one does wonder why. All of it very surprising behavior for someone who once sought the Presidential seat.

Israel tightens grip and much like the Bush Administration, only counts Israeli lives lost among the dead. As in any war zone, the Noncombatants are the ones who suffer.

Suicide bomber takes out 38 in Baghdad – but hey, Cheney says we are close to achieving our objectives in Iraq. What, shilling the American people? Mission accomplished.
The aforementioned suicide bomber was a woman, which while not unprecedented, is rare.

Bush senior would like to see Jeb Bush in the White House. I’m not sure which dominates more, the urge to kill, stomp, and trample everyone involved in that statement….or the fact that it’s HIGHLY doubtful he could do as bad or worse a job than his brother.
Just say hellfuckno.

Russians raise Ukrainean gas bill because, you know, they can.


~ by Auntie Ranty on January 4, 2009.

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