All the blues that’s fit to print

From UPI :: India explains moving troops to border.

Massive Israeli air strikes on Gaza.

Some of the world’s reactions

Another interpretation

And yet a third
However, I just don’t buy this “Hammas was unprepared” nonsense. Unprepared? No. Prepared to maximize the damage to their own to manipulate public opinion? Yes. Of course, that’s what all of this is about – manipulation of public opinion – Hammas playing the victim even though they’ve been throwing volleys of rocket attacks et. al. … and Israel trying to “look tough on terrorism.”
Fucking idiots the lot of them.
Israel gets a lot of shit in this blog from me, largely because I think the Israeli government continues to follow a policy of being a bigger more ruthless thug than whomever they are dealing with (or think they are dealing with)…but neither side is unblemished in this matter. Who’s fault is it? Right now it doesn’t matter. Blame only matters when you’ve nothing else to discuss……

…and then there’s this. UGH.


~ by Auntie Ranty on December 27, 2008.

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