Berries of Dingle

In Chicago it’s just business as usual. Nice to see that Second City hasn’t lost it’s history of full and total fucking corruption.

CNN Money blathers about three growing industries – for the record they are education (heh), health care (double heh), and accounting (I suppose we had to get a PVC* in there somewhere).

Why Greece’s Prime Minister still has job security

India calls on UN to ban charity it claims is a front for terrorism
Something I can’t get over is how these attacks occurred so soon after that damn report** was issued naming the world superpowers ascendant to be India and China c. 2025 – but that’s just my brain unable to let go of old data.
Still, in some respects, India’s reaction to all this is ….. kind of familiar don’t you think?

* Privileged Victimized Conservative – I’d mention white but I said “Conservative”

** the country really should have learned not to listen to paid think tanks you know?


~ by Auntie Ranty on December 10, 2008.

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