Interesting observation from an unlikely source

The problem with the GOP is that it isn’t conservative enough.

From the article:
Republicans will start out skeptical of most of what comes out of the Obama White House, and this time, it won’t be Boehner’s job to sell them on it. When Bush was in charge, by contrast, that task fell to him — look at the GOP revolt over the Wall Street bailout to see how thankless that task often was. The party will move even further to the right, and a larger Democratic majority might not need GOP votes on as many issues as they did the last two years. If conservatives are right about what the country really wants — limited government, lower taxes, and continued deregulation — their new philosophy could be the path back to Republican power. If not, they might have to get used to being in the minority for a long time.

Which is (or could be, should this actually come to pass) great – but until and unless they divorce themselves from the nutzowackjob contingent that embodies the “neoconservative” movement, no, uh-uh, forget it.


~ by Auntie Ranty on November 21, 2008.

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