Okay, the time has come to talk of these things

Note I started this entry on October 30 and, frankly, I’m too tired to edit out tense shifts. Cope.

There are a number of things that, with this stupid election cycle almost at an end, I feel finally comfortable getting out of my system. Things that, generally, I find my liberal friends, don’t want to hear.
That being said…

1.) I HATE Al Franken. Sometimes as much as I hate Arianna Huffington. But sometimes not.
2.) You know, fuck the moral high ground, sometimes you just have to ‘give it to them’.
3.) While I will acknowledge that the economy and many other standard of living type issues were doing REALLY WELL under Bill Clinton’s administration, he’s still a crook, and he still bombed the shit out of that “bioweapons factory” to distract people from the “ethics investigation” (which hadn’t a fucking thing to do with ethics but that’s neither here nor there).
4.) I am pleased as punch that we finally have a President that is Not Another Old White Man. However, Barack Obama is neither the Messiah, nor The One. Hope is just as addictive as any other drug, get off the pipe. (Correlary :: the Chosen One is just a tyrant who hasn’t yet been elected.)
5.) I didn’t cry. I don’t get why someone would. Correction:: I get why some people would. I don’t get why everyone I know did. *shrugs*
6.) Joe Biden as President bothers me. Actually the notion scares me. The Democratic Party running unopposed through the halls of government for the next two years doesn’t scare me so much as make me rather…..unenthusiastic about the next two years. (In this case I think that a certain amount of adversity breeds cooperation, at least in Washington.)
7.) If you didn’t vote – remember that for over 200 years people died, willingly, because they thought that your right to vote was That Important. Think about it.
8.) If you’re going to destroy society/civilization/”The System” or some other such nineteen year old punk kid with a rock in his hand such nonsense, what are you going to replace it with? If you don’t have a better idea, then STFU.
9.) No really – I’m pleased as hell that a Person of Colour has been elected. I do not however feel some bizarre compulsion to vote for the man because of that. I disagree with his politics. If this makes me racist in your book, then. Well then your book sucks.
10.) My actual first thought on the above: About fucking time.
11.) Spouting election platitudes at me does not make your argument more compelling, nor your opinions nor intriguing (and while we’re on it, it gives you neither the touch, nor the power….)
12.) Take your self-congratulatory masturbation I Love America posts and cram them. You’d be hanging your head and bitching about “what this country’s come to” if you lost. NOTHING’S CHANGED – any change that might happen wont’ happen for a bit yet.
13.) There is no thirteen. This isn’t the World of Darkness.
14.) But there is a fourteen because I’m cleaning up a backlog of old posts. Last week Wired ran an article about how cable television has become indispensable to Americans – my response is quitely literally “No shit?” How does that observation even rate as journalism.
So for some years now I’ve maintained the following and I do, alas, stand by it. “The revolution” as anyone brought up in the household of anyone who lived through the 60s (or, for that matter, lived through the 60s) knows is coming. Right?
The big ‘un, the key realization of the BushCo administration has been I think tacit recognition of this fact (an opinion but I believe to be such) – as long as americans have a few things, true dissatisfaction with the status quo will never occur.
Cheap, disposable food, Television, and Porn – er, I mean the internet
Give us our creature comforts, just please please don’t take away our ability to distract ourselves. Or we’ll be angry.
Fuck Red v. Blue. I’m god damned Purple. The revolution is for never.


~ by Auntie Ranty on November 5, 2008.

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