Prepping now for the inevitability of the next three months being a long dark winter of Badwrongthink and Nondissent – because I’m fair to sure (if the 2006 election was any indication and you know, it is) that anyone who dares criticize The Candidate will be dogpiled in a fit of wine and cheese (or would that be whine and cheeze?) liberalism………………………..

At first brook no dissent, then stomp stomp again.

You can presume that I’m not going to shut up just because the Weed isn’t going to be in the White House next year. *le sigh* Herd, it’s what’s for – MOOOOO

I’m generally much more interested in how Prop 8 does. Hopefully it will tank like a giant bucket of cosmic snot near a singularity. Hopefully.


~ by Auntie Ranty on November 5, 2008.

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