Election Day 2008

9 am

CNN – per usual, they are trying to turn every dust mote into A SIGNIFICANT EVENT OF MONUMENTAL PORPORTIONS. Signal to Noise is falling rapidly. Not that it has far to fall.

Half an Hour Later….
Yeah, fuck it we need a story here. Um….. :: picks butt ::
That’s pretty much my read on CNN.

FOX – their headlines (which change every few minutes) would pretty much read “Shit, we’re fucked.” if you had the special sunglasses from They Live – mostly, it’s bitching – long lines, HIGH LIKELIHOOD OF VOTER FRAUD.
Basicly, a bunch of “filling our readers with bile and vitrol to make record breaking voter turn out look like a bad thing” – because to them, it is.

Half an Hour Later….
They’ve stopped trying to find the right spin. I suspect everyone’s hitting the coke early today. Find a way to spin it baby…..

MSNBC – kind of has assumed CNN’s old gig – of being up to the minute and informational. Which is fucked up because I’ve spent the last eight years throwing rocks at MSNBC for being, well, just as much of a wingnut as FAUX.
Growing up?
Nah. But at least they’re not blowing it with “Fuck You. We Win.” Unlike, say, almost every other“Liberal and proud of it” person on the Stephenstubes.

Half an Hour Later…..
Yeah, nevermind that shit. In FIVE HOURS AND 30 MINUTES they’ll have live coverage. I guess I’m supposed to care.

Al Jazeera and the BBC will likely keep me better informed than any of the above, per usual.

I haven’t broken open the Amaretto yet. OF course, no one’s screaming voter fraud yet either.
I am however listening to Bob Dylan, which is kind of the same thing.


~ by Auntie Ranty on November 4, 2008.

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