Some days, it just writes itself.

So I was in one of those neo-clinics that do drug testing today (Why? Use your imagination, it will probably be far more interesting…) and noted a poster that stated “We Do Immigration DNA Testing” with cheerful letters spelling out Homeland Security Approved! (I don’t know about you, but HSA anything makes me suspicious immediately. And no nothing to do with why I was in a drug testing lab. :P)
Evidently, DNA testing is used in immigration quite frequently – to ascertain that claimed members of families are who they say they are. I’m not sure how I feel about this. If this were being done to full citizens…, yeah, hell on earth. So one generally files this under security and having *some* controls over who gets in and who doesn’t, given that there’s a cap on the number of immigrations into the country annually.
But it all goes down kind of bitter really.

Moving on…..

Really, you tell me internet – what the hell?
No, really, ex-wizard – actually no, I’m more prepared to believe that than I am the ex-HIV cured by the power of Christ. So…yeah. (And how does one become an “ex-“transsexual anyway? Do you go to a special school while they vatgrow you a new clone body? So then it’s like the Role playing game Paranoia, but with Jesus.)
Ex-Prisoner? (Yes, in the Village his name was Number 69 – which is trite but it’s the best I have.) Now married with a woman who had no uterus. HAD.

For the record, Life changing International ministries, at the above mentioned address, does in fact exist (at least, it does on the internet. The link is here if you choose to rubberneck.)
I’ve searched up and down on both their website and the whole wide world of Tubes and found precious little. Per their site, they are soon to celebrate their 5th anniversary…and yes, there will be a “Prophet” there – though he looks nothing like the former transgendered ex-practioner of the Dark Arts….and his name is Elisah Kwamena Boateng (which isn’t Isaac, no matter how many times you jam it through babelfish) and, also, he’s black. Unlike Isaac who looks white as the undriven snow.
Perhaps somewhat ironically, the theme for their fifth anniversary celebration is, in fact, “Total Freedom”.
The world has always been this weird a place I promise.

And another thing. I’m tired of getting emails from my straight friends telling me to vote No on prop 8. Do you realize who you’re emailing? Besides, I voted WEEKS ago so any power to compel my vote simply doesn’t exist.


~ by Auntie Ranty on October 28, 2008.

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