Just briefly….

T’was out with the Darling Wife grabbing a few necessaries (Toothpaste and the like if you must know) – and, lo and behold, passing the books section of this retail venue, we see a pair of books, right along side one another, surrounded by Doctor Seuss and the like:
My Dad, John McCain

Can I really be the only one who sees maybe somewhat of a problem with this? Very loyal party voters will no doubt stick this (well, likely one or the other, probably not both) down their kid’s backpack to get the indoctrination going early.
Sorry, to me, this is like those hate filled bible thumpers who make their six and seven year old kids stand out in the street for hours and hours with YES ON PROPOSITION 8* signs – the kids have no idea, but they are being used.
Really – I’m a believer in teaching our children to think for themselves not “Here think like me, I’m right and – insert sound of moronic buzzing -”

Of course, in finding these books to share I find that they are only two of about six or seven such books. I suppose I missed the PTA meeting titled “Propaganda – start early, start soon.”

* on the off chance that you don’t know this, Proposition 8 is a, well, proposition here in Cali that would alter the state constitution to redefine marriage as being between a man and a woman – in essence to get rid of homosexual marriage and put something in place to prevent it from becoming law again.


~ by Auntie Ranty on October 28, 2008.

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