– or just who does she think she is anyway –

Pretty much precisely cribbed from my information profile but I thought I’d share regardless. Obviously, this isn’t all there is to me, but ’tis a start.

This is a political blog – let me just be fully up front about that. I’m a bit of a political junkie. After reading countless blogs and finding my own online journal (not this one) taking on an almost exclusive political bent, I decided the time had come to create a blog exclusively for that purpose. Whether it remains so shall be seen.

I am American, meaning that I am from the U.S. and reside therein. I don’t think the internet belongs to us, or anyone else. I believe it is the obligation of the citizen to subject it’s country and it’s leaders to a certain level of criticism, regardless of whether you agree with it’s policies or not.
I am non-partisan. Part of the reason I created this blog was because I am hard pressed to find a political blog that isn’t essentially Republican or Democrat. This does not mean I belong to or subscribe to the beliefs of any other political party either. At the moment anyway, I do not. Thusly, it might be helpful to outline some of my beliefs to help provide a framing context.
I advocate fiscal conservatism, smaller government (defined as generally advocating a reduction in the federal bureaucracy, the dissolution of contradictory and often useless government groups & spending, and in general a reduction in the power of government over it’s people). I like the idea of paper and electronic monies being backed up with actual measurable wealth, regardless of the form of the wealth.
I am a big believer in privacy – mine and yours. (That said, I think one sacrifices a modicum of such rights when one puts themselves in a public forum, either as I have done here or when one enters politics, is on television, etc etc.) I don’t think the government (any government) has any right over my body or what I do in my home, so long as nothing I do hurts anyone else. I believe in the power and necessity of consent and I advocate the equal rights of all people, no matter their color, beliefs, orientation, gender, or feelings about me. Conversely I’m not a fan of special treatment because of same.
I believe in objectivity, more so because it’s nigh impossible to achieve. Nonetheless I think trying is important. Context is everything. Honesty is very important to me, regardless of the context.
I have problems with hate crimes legislation and other types of “thought=crime” type law wrangling, even though I find hate crimes particularly odious.
I believe in the US Constitution, especially that part called the Bill of Rights. I am an atheist and a Bright, and the separation of Church and State is very important to me. I don’t care for the tax exempt status of churches.
I frequently identify as Marxist. In context this means that I believe a large amount (but not *all* of it) of human history is comprised of the struggle between those in power and those subservient to them. Hence, “Class Struggle”. I am not communist, nor am I socialist. (Generally I think most economics break down to raw capitalism anyway, from barter on upwards.)
A few other points (in no particular order) – I’m generally anti-nationalism but think one should take pride in where they live (and make it a good place to live). I’m poor. I think the US should pay it’s soldiers better than it does. I think taxation should be a percentage across the board. (I subscribe to this old fashioned notion called “fairness” – largely because I don’t think anything is, essentially, fair.) I don’t understand why the United States considers Israel an ally, especially after the last few years. (Not as in: I don’t comprehend. More as in: “I don’t think we should be.”)
I don’t really ascribe to any sort of dogma – I prefer to keep an open and flexible mind. If you can objectively demonstrate to me a differing viewpoint, then I am not opposed to change. People who are not like this puzzle me. I encourage and welcome all viewpoints, regardless of whether or not you agree with me. Keep it civil though, please.


~ by Auntie Ranty on October 27, 2008.

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