;American troops cross border into Syria to give the put down to someone or other. Syria likely won’t put up with this. What this means to me though is that I need to go back and count the number of times we’ve violated Pakistan’s territory. The first time was before the first debate. (When it was quaintly being discussed as a theoretical possibility. Ha!) – it’s happened at least three or four times since. Seriously, Pakistan is the new Cambodia.

More news from our wacky friends in the Middle East. Highlight of this article “I’m sick of this extortion.” Which is how I feel about the last days of the 2008 US general election come to think of it….

World leaders pledge reform as economic gloom deepens because we all know that in the really real world, you can legislate about a problem and BANG MAGIC POOF IT’S FIXED.

Gas prices have fallen on average $1.33 since July. Go gas up your car, now. Before the Oil Companies get a bailout too. *grumblebitchmoan*

GOP warns of dangers of one party rule and the rest of us point to Bush’s First Term. Fuckers.
Hm…a one party dictatorship would be a nice change of pace…../sarcasm.

The Dems continue comparing Obama to FDR and I continue to groan every single fucking time they do it. But then I’m not an “Expansion of Government to the Nth degree and intereferance in every aspect of the economy” kind of girl.

In the time it’s taken me to make this post I have found a link to an article about US Policy in Pakistan. Nice to see someone’s on the ball. (And it mentions three seperate attacks and gives dates.)


~ by Auntie Ranty on October 27, 2008.

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